I have an ASUS i7 series laptop. After the factory reset, my PC is not booting normally. I have to use the power button a few times to start the laptop. I have noticed that the battery is not getting charged, it shows 0% available plugged in, charging.

What could be the reason for this? Do I need to replace the battery?

Appreciate any help


You might be missing one or more drivers for your hardware devices. It sometimes happens that the Windows image stored by the manufacturer for Reset is missing some parts.

Go in the manufacturer's website into the Support section for your computer model, and check if you have all the drivers for your Windows version. Reinstalling too many drivers doesn't hurt, except if you use the wrong one. If several versions have the same name but differ in date, install only the latest one.

  • I have updated the drivers from ASUS, the problem still persists. It is being noticed that the charging is active on the toolbar, I can see the battery icon is going up and down. Once the laptop is ready to use or finish booting, the icon stops moving. – Jåcob Oct 7 '18 at 18:40
  • See if PC Settings > Update & Security has any updates now. If not, try the Windows Troubleshooting. If still no go, try sfc /scannow. – harrymc Oct 7 '18 at 18:43
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    Faced with an unexplained Windows problem, you might do In-place Upgrade, which will refresh Windows without causing damage. But take good backups. – harrymc Oct 8 '18 at 6:54
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    It would always be a good idea to upgrade to Windows 10, as it is better and safer. However, you would need to buy a serial number, if you have never before updated to Windows 10 on this computer. – harrymc Oct 8 '18 at 10:29
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    Instead of replacing part after part in the search for the problem, a good repair-shop might be more economical, since they will not make you pay for their components that they tried in your computer and taken back. – harrymc Oct 12 '18 at 8:08

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