I have a couple of custom power schema's that I want to switch between. The system tray notification area should perfectly fit, since it has two places, however i cannot get both of my plans in the battery system tray notification area - whenever i change active power plan to any of my custom plans, remaining place is being taken by one of three default power plans (balanced, max energy, or power saving). Is there a way to get round this limitation and make two custom power plans appear in the notification area?

P.S. Presumably i DON't want to delete default system power plans, since it's not quite sensible.


The first entry must be a scheme based on "Balanced" the second must be a scheme based on "Power Saver" or "High Performance" (when you create a power scheme you can be "based" on one of those three). Meaning you can not put two power schemes in the notification area that for example are based on "Balanced".

enter image description here

To replace it (you probable know this): Choose the power scheme the taskbar you want to replace e.g. "Balanced" then click on "More power option" and choose what a power plan you want to use instead of "Balanced" (again if choosing a custom plan, it must be a plan that was "based" on balance). After clicking ok (closing the window) you will see that "Balacend" on the taskbar has been replaced by the custom power scheme.

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