I want to install xampp I looked at website https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html#

but I could not find 64 bit version for windows 8 does that mean there are no 64 bit xampp downloads for windows 8.

I want to install 64 bit because I downloaded 32 bit xampp and then it gave me a lot of errors which you can see here xamp not able to install on windows 8

so please let me know where can I find 64 bit xampp for windows 8.1

  • The only Windows installer is the first download on the page you linked to. Any event, the error you received, can be solved by installing the 32-bit version of Visual C++ 2008 – Ramhound Oct 9 '18 at 3:42
  • see this image all the redistributable are present in the system i.stack.imgur.com/d2NVm.jpg – ss321c Oct 9 '18 at 3:50
  • I will address the solution to your other question, in an answer, to your other question. – Ramhound Oct 9 '18 at 3:52

I could not find a 64-bit version for Windows 8, does that mean there isn't a 64-bit XAMPP download, that supports Windows 8?

XAMPP does not include the 64-bit versions of Apache and PHP. This means that a 64-bit XAMPP installation cannot exist. While XAMPP includes more than Apache and PHP, it primarily exists, in order to make the system configuration of those two software packages easier.

It is worth pointing out that, if you are willing to configure Apache and PHP by hand the use of XAMPP is not required. As for the port error you received, that can be resolved, by configuring XAMPP and Apache to run on a different port.

So please let me know where can I find 64-bit XAMPP for Windows 8.1

It does not exist

  • Worth pointing out that at least one of those downloads is meant to be used with VC15, which means Visual C++ 2017 is required, which you don't have installed. – Ramhound Oct 9 '18 at 4:37

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