I run frontend tests for a webapp using WebdriverIO/Selenium as a nightly build defined in the Pipelines section of Azure DevOps.

For each build I can view test results on the Tests tab, which will show me statistics on all tests and a list of tests that I can filter and group.

Azure DevOps Tests tab statistics and filter options

Until a few days ago, this list was automatically sorted alphabetically, now it is not sorted in any obvious way. I cannot find any option to sort the list, and the Azure DevOps page on reviewing test results does not mention sorting at all. I have also not had any luck using Google.

Is there a way to sort this list, e.g. by test name? If yes, how?


It seems that at this point sorting test results in only possible in the Tests menu, under Test Runs.

enter image description here

See also this question's duplicate on stackoverflow.com.

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