When I use some command in bash like npm audit, I can see the output with some colored text. I want to save the output with colored text preserved. I have tried selecting the text and saving in LibreOffice document but it saves text without any formatting.

Is there any way to save the output with colored text preserved?


Use a terminal emulator which supports copying the text as HTML (or similar). You can paste it either directly to a .html file, or to LibreOffice which will import the formatting.

For example, GNOME Terminal has a "Copy as HTML" menu item as of v3.26 (libvte 0.50).

  • I am using GNOME terminal 3.18.3 in Ubuntu 16.04. I will have to either update Ubuntu or use unofficial repo to use the new version of GNOME terminal. Can you suggest other terminal emulator with such feature? – Barun Oct 9 '18 at 8:23

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