I did the following on a Windows Server 2008 R2: Installed OpenSSH by executing this command ->

powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File install-sshd.ps1

and generated the keys with

ssh-keygen.exe -A

and corrected the permissions by executing these scripts:


Before that I created a .ssh directory in C:\Users\myUser\ and in it the authorized_keys file.

Then I generated a key pair (RSA 2048) on my local Windows 10 machine by using puttygen. I copied the public key content to the previously mentionend authorized_keys. The content looks like this:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAQEAhKWSd69VFVmzIqSvMMKN57F2lRuHrkuUB0Oij5V3IGVm4AP5kQkiQYW5vkDuEsc7/JPo1Yc/5900g49Y0QwRNu1Xn7NvpgFK1W/6z9QJ91/tGQbecsU38PkqBNEN4+uTLsoTRyPNyptjdb/0Bh4Dndu3WZ1111111111111111ZF3B/D7L+jDDXfcHW1G94Xh/c8dbChMp1rwmTBwkTnEKENA5O1chIMXosgQbR3QIEw6Y7P8/Lye1u5oxsyxQiCPTRRtLsNL1Ay6wRxXWCI+wmpSRUWPdNLY+DjdCvxvpUQFyuEVYqf7XFQuyeM3ZWg53JTPQVt4ONEAjj56wIUGQ== rsa-key-20181009

So it's one line and should be correct.

Now I'm trying to login using putty. Host -> 192.168.... port 22 and under Connection->SSH->Auth I gave it my private key location -> C:\Users\myUser\Desktop\rsa_private.ppk

When I'm now opening the connection and enter 'myUser' as user it looks like this:

Authenticating with public key "rsa-key-20181009"
Passphrase for key "rsa-key-20181009":
Server refused public-key signature despite accepting key!

sshd.log entries:

4828 10:17:26:721 Failed none for myUser from port 55340 ssh2
4828 10:17:26:721 debug3: userauth_finish: failure partial=0 next methods="publickey,password,keyboard-interactive"
4828 10:17:26:721 debug3: send packet: type 51
4828 10:17:26:723 debug3: receive packet: type 50
4828 10:17:26:724 debug1: userauth-request for user myUser service ssh-connection method publickey
4828 10:17:26:724 debug1: attempt 1 failures 0
4828 10:17:26:724 debug2: input_userauth_request: try method publickey
4828 10:17:26:724 debug1: userauth_pubkey: test whether pkalg/pkblob are acceptable for RSA SHA256:/GEVnGRon2qx9bGvUAYosBBZiwgMUsUXDYssDwLUOSQ
4828 10:17:26:724 debug1: trying public key file C:\\Users\\myUser\\.ssh/authorized_keys
4828 10:17:26:724 debug1: matching key found: file C:\\Users\\myUser\\.ssh/authorized_keys, line 1 RSA SHA256:/GEVnGRon2qx9bGvUAYosBBZiwgMUsUXDYssDwLUOSQ
4828 10:17:26:724 debug3: send packet: type 60
4828 10:17:26:724 debug2: userauth_pubkey: authenticated 0 pkalg ssh-rsa
4828 10:17:26:724 Postponed publickey for myUser from port 55340 ssh2

And at this point I don't know what to do... Does the log file tells me where the error is?

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