We're doing a lot of experimentation with a sever environment that has required several consecutive wipe/reinstall of CentOS 7. It's a headless, rack-mount server, and we're installing from a DVD. It's worth mentioning that the system is accessible through something called iDRAC, which seems to provide pretty low-level access; for example, I can see the BIOS menus and interact with the system even at that level. I don't know anything specific about the hardware, except that it's a DELL ..judging from the iDRAC interface, it seems to be a PowerEdge R630.

Here's the problem: Every time I start over with the OS and reinstall, the DVD tray is apparently ejecting and hanging open, even after rebooting. So I have to nag the network guys to physically visit it and manually close it.

I've researched the eject command, but I'm not getting anywhere with it—it proceeds with no error message, and output suggests it is closing the tray. However the network guy always reports that it's just hanging open. (I was hoping that maybe it was closing, just not auto-mounting.)

So I've tried updating the eject utility, which it did update, but that didn't solve anything.

yum update eject

And I'm pretty sure my command is as thorough as it can be:

-v = verbose
-t = close tray
-r = cdrom
-F = force
/dev/sr0 = absolutely-qualified identifier for the dvd device

Switching from -t (close) to -T (toggle) doesn't change the result.

eject -v -t -r -F /dev/sr0
eject: device name is `/dev/sr0'
eject: /dev/sr0: not mounted
eject: /dev/sr0: is whole-disk device
eject: /dev/sr0: is removable device
eject: /dev/sr0: closing tray

Looking at the man page, I see the following noted..

If eject does not work, it is most likely a limitation of the kernel driver for the device and not the eject program itself.

Am I out of options here?

  • Captcha does not let me post the detailed answer. So in short: Try xorriso -outdev /dev/sr0 – Thomas Schmitt Oct 10 '18 at 7:21

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