I have to push data from a server to another.

On the source, I have a folder (named vhosts) containing files, folders and symlinks. I want all this to be copied as files (not as symlinks)

On the destination, I have a folder (named vhosts) to receive all files. This folder contains one folder that is a symlink to another volume because the data it will receive is too big for that disk. That is why a folder was created as a symlink to another volume.

I ran a couple of commands with different parameters. The last I got was this:

rsync -rLzP vhosts/ user@

The problem is that this deleted my symbolic link on the destination folder and created a directory. The data is not copied to the second volume so I won't be able to complete the task. I thought -L would solve it but it has not the impact I was expecting.

What am I missing?

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You need --keep-dirlinks

--keep-dirlinks treat symlinked dir on receiver as dir

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