I recently bought a shiny new Synology NAS and all my PCs can connect to it, except from one, which is quite strange as it's running the same Windows 10 version as the others (1803). Here are the things I have already tried:

  • Obviously, using the IP instead of the NetBIOS name of the NAS. That changes the error code from 0x80070035 to 0x80004005, but otherwise had no effect.
  • Changing various SMB protocol settings in the NAS (min version, max version, encryption, enabling/disabling guest login, ...)
  • Uninstalling VirtualBox to make sure its network drivers weren't the issue.
  • Resetting all network adapters (uninstall in device manager, scan for new hardware) and the Windows Firewall
  • Changing various sharing settings and security policies in Windows

None of that changed the behavior in any way. So I installed Wireshark and this is what happens when I try to connect:

  • [TCP connection established]
  • PC -> NAS: SMB2 Negotiate Protocol Request
  • NAS -> PC: ACK
  • NAS -> PC: SMB2 Negotiate Protocol Response (NT_STATUS_SUCCESS, Dialect 0x311 or 0x210 depending on NAS settings)
  • PC -> NAS: RST,ACK

This repeats a few times until the PC gives up.

I'm completely out of ideas. What looks like a successful protocol negotiation results in an immediate connection reset. Only this one Windows PC shows this behavior. And reinstalling the OS isn't an option due to the time it'd take to set it up again and due to lack of recent backups. (Which is one of the reasons why I bought this NAS in the first place.)

Any ideas/pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a screenshot that shows of one of the connection attempts: Negotiate Protocol Response

Edit: Since the answer I commented on was deleted: This happens when I connect to any share, not just the NAS, confirming my suspicion that the client configuration is the problem.

Edit 2: Changed the title to be more accurate now that I tried connecting to another network share.

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