I have enabled the Administrator account so that I can use it with runas in command prompt, but now the account is displayed also on the login screen.

Is there a way to hide the Administrator account from the login screen without disabling/deleting it?

administrator account on login screen

  • While the linked answer is indeed the same as this one, it does not pop up in google or SO search when using the correct full account name "Administrator". This was the reason why I created this QA. – Qwerty Oct 11 '18 at 14:50

Open regedit and create new KEY SpecialAccounts\UserList in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WIndows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon by right-clicking the Winlogon folder in the left panel.

In this new subkey (UserList) right-click to create a DWORD value with name of the account you want to hide.


To show the account again, remove the DWORD, or alternatively you can set a value of the DWORD to

  • 0 (default when created) to hide
  • 1 to show the account again

You can immediately test that it works by pressing Win+L. empty login screen

PS: This answer really is just a copypasta from this burried question at answers.microsoft.com enhanced with my own screenshots to help basic users.

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    It's worth noting that the data of the registry value must be 0 to have the intended effect. That's implicit given you have the user create the new value, but the answer would be more useful if this is stated explicitly. – I say Reinstate Monica Oct 10 '18 at 18:49

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