I would like to have two features in VIM

  1. Mouse Cursor Movement
  2. Paste from global clipboard with middle mouse

For the first feature I can set mouse=a and the second mouse=r.

Separately these features work but not together.

If I set mouse=ar

  • mouse cursor move [OK]
  • middle button mouse paste using information selected within vim [OK]
  • middle button mouse paste using information selected from external app [FAIL]

Is it possible to get these feature in same time without install extra applications /packages ?

$ vim --version | grep clipboard -clipboard +iconv +path_extra -toolbar +eval +mouse_dec +startuptime -xterm_clipboard

Thanks for your help

Edit I was told that I can use shift+middle mouse button to paste from external selection. This could do the job, if there was a way to merge both internal and external buffer (selection). In such case how to enter in insert mode when shift+middle mouse button is used ?

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    To paste external text in xterm you should use ctrl+shift+v, in fact most shorcuts needs to be altered with shift in order to work in a terminal emulator in linux. To enter insert mode in vim use the insert key. – dmb Oct 11 at 14:35
  • About the insert mode, I am looking to add a trigger or an event handler from normal mode nmap which enter in insert mode paste primary buffer and come back to normal mode while using shift+middlemouse – bioinfornatics Oct 12 at 7:58

The X Clipboard has interesting behavior. There are three selections, or clipboards if you will:

  • CLIPBOARD : interact with Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v, or Edit menus.
  • PRIMARY : interact with Shift+Insert or middle-mouse.
  • SECONDARY : mostly unused and out of scope for this.

Not all terminal emulators support middle-mouse pasting, as alluded to by @dmb. In your case, the information that you're trying to paste with middle-mouse is being stored in CLIPBOARD which is not accessed via middle-mouse. However, understanding where your information is being copied to will help you in understanding how to extract that information. Beyond that, I suggest you find a clipboard manager that provides a satisfactory workflow.

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