Whenever I write a new file in Notepad++ and want to save it in certain folder, I usually:

  • copy this folder's path to clipboard from some source (Total Commander, file explorer etc.),
  • paste it to "Save as" dialog in Notepad++,
  • hit Enter to confirm.

Since one of recent updates to Notepad++ program started to warn me that given folder exists and asking me whether I want to replace it:

enter image description here

This is pointless (Notepad++ is not overwriting a folder!), stupid and annoying. Notepad++ is the only software that I use that shows this kind of confirmation window after manually changing folder.

Is there any way to disable this behaviour and block Notepad++ from showing this kind of confirmation windows?

Edit: The problem exists only if you don't have path delimiter at the end of pasted path, i.e. for c:\Trash\Delphi 7 above message box will be displayed and for c:\Trash\Delphi 7\ it won't be.

  • It seems that you misunderstood the question. The confirmation screen in question appears after I paste path only and hit Enter. There is no filename part yet, so Notepad++ should not display anything AFAIK. – trejder Oct 15 '18 at 7:09

As per this comment at Notepad++'s GitHub issues tracker the described behaviour seems to be some kind of bug only when "old" style of dialogs is enabled (which seems to be default for new installations of N++).

Making sure that Settings > Preferences > Default Directory > Use new style save dialog (without file extension feature & Unix style path capacity) option is enabled solves the problem.

However, there's a price to be paid (as always). When "new" dialog styles are enabled, Notepad++ defaults "Save" and "Save as" dialogs to *.* (All types) instead of *.txt and thus forces user to change that every time a new file is being saved or manually type *.txt in file name (or it will be saved in file with no extension). Which can be even more annoying than a problem described in question.

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