I have a freshly set up HP Microserver with Debian Stretch. I set up a RAID5 with LVM on top and built an lvmcache. home is a symlink pointing to a directory on that LVM. Its mounted via /etc/fstab (after /, of course). Set up the lvmcache like here.I already set this up twice. No effort.

I can boot when removing the lvmcache from data partition. When I enable the cache on a running system, the cache is used and works. So, it's a boot problem.

When the error appears, lvscan shows the data partition is inactive. It says waiting to connect to lvmetad and it's waiting 1:30mins for a strange device name (somethiong like /dev/mapper/x2d...). I dont have this device name on my machine.

Workaround (disabling the cache during boot):

lvconvert --splitcache server-vg/data
lvchange -ay server-vg/data
lvscan                            # check if its active again. 

This is the only one thing I changed and then its booting again. But I'd really like to use this cache.

  # lvs -a
  LV                 VG        Attr       LSize  Pool Origin Data%  Meta%  Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert
  cache-data         server-vg Cwi---C--- 20,00g                                                    
  [cache-data_cdata] server-vg Cwi------- 20,00g                                                    
  [cache-data_cmeta] server-vg ewi------- 24,00m                                                    
  data               server-vg -wi-ao----  1,82t                                                    
  [lvol0_pmspare]    server-vg ewi------- 24,00m                                                    
  root               server-vg -wi-ao---- 27,94g                                                    
  swap_1             server-vg -wi-ao----  3,96g

Here, you can see the cache policy mq is set. At beginning this was set to smq, The change did not help. from here

# lvs -o+cache_policy,cache_settings server-vg/cache-data
  LV         VG        Attr       LSize  Pool Origin Data%  Meta%  Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert CachePolicy CacheSettings
  cache-data server-vg Cwi---C--- 20,00g                                                     mq  

Please let me know if you need further info. Don't want to post tons of output here while I don't know if its helpful.

I already googled a lot but did not find any solutions for this problem related to lvmcache. But I also did not find any posts saying that Debian is not able to use lvmcache...

This cache_check solution for a similar problem also didn't fix anything for me.


I met the problem same with you.

I have 3 lvs(collection, study, anonymous) in a vg(nasvg) and use a ssd for study-lv with lvmcache. Nothing wrong happened when I installing it, but when I reboot, I got the same output with you. After I commented the mount of study-lv in /etc/fstab, it boots successfully. Also, lvscanshows the study-lv inactive, and once I try to active it, I got that /usr/sbin/cache_check execvp failed no such file or directory

I got help from here https://bugs.launchpad.net/devstack/+bug/1615134. Seem that the lack of package "thin-provisioning-tools" make my lvmcache down.

Then, with sudo apt-get install thin-provisioning-tools, and sudo vgchange -a y nasvg, everything was ok and I can boot successfully now with lvmcache.

Here is my evironment:

ubuntu 18.04(amd64)

LVM version: 2.02.176(2) (2017-11-03)

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  • You are my hero!! Another pproblem with my server was the USB backup disk which was mounted in /etc/fstab automatically. Added the options noauto,user,defaults here. That caused the timeout error. – Corni Oct 17 '18 at 18:21

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