This is the following setup I currently have on a Windows 10 Pro Machine

  • 2 Ethernet Cards
  • One Ethernet Card connected to my main router
  • Install OpenVPN Client with its virtual TAP adapter and start a new tunnel
  • Share the Windows TAP Adapter with Second Ethernet card using Internet Connection Sharing
  • This ethernet is plugged in to a LAN port of router acting as an AP

The result is that I have two SSIDs in home. One for accessing my local network & internet using my ISP IP and one for accessing internet via VPN. Windows Internet Connection Sharing provides DHCP for the VPN WiFi locally.

At this moment, I cannot use this PC for browsing local network without disconnecting the OpenVPN client as all browsing data is routed through the VPN.

Is there any way I can have OpenVPN TAP adapter only use traffic coming from 2nd ethernet and still use my 1st ethernet for all my local surfing?

  • Are you using Windows? I'm sure there is a way w/ Linux! – FreeSoftwareServers Oct 17 '18 at 1:25
  • @FreeSoftwareServers Yes, this is on a Windows 10 Pro Machine. Update the post to reflect this – haunteddevil619 Oct 17 '18 at 14:24

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