I've recently taken the plunge into using WSL heavily for my shell environment; and since it turns out the Windows console is the only not bad terminal for WSL, I'm trying to figure out tmux and byobu for "tabs."

I turned on mouse mode to get useful scrolling behaviour since without it on trying to scroll just makes things glitch out. However, that knocks out Window's default text selection behaviour which copies selected text on a right click.

I've managed to research so far that this indeed is something called 'copy-mode', I'm just not sure if and where the selection actually gets copied? Does it keep the copied text internally or does it interoperate with the system clipboard? If the latter, is there a way to customize it? A common default behaviour for a Linux system would be going to xsel which obviously doesn't make sense under WSL. Is there a way to tell tmux/byobu/whatever to run a custom command at the end of a copy-selection?

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