I have an Ubuntu VMWare virtual machine that stopped having an internet connection after a forced a shutdown.

Upon inspection there were no connections in the Network panel of Settings.

I found this previous superuser question: Ubuntu: Missing network interface and no UI and miraculously the one and only answer worked!

Only problem is that every time I boot the vm back up I have to do the whole procedure again.

Worth noting that I don't have an eth0 interface but I have one called ens33 and that's what I used for the commands.

Does anyone know what's going on or how I can just automate the procedure so that it runs every time I boot? (ugly solution, I know, but I spent hours researching and that answer is the only thing I found)

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You want to modify the network configuration for this interface so it automatically comes up and runs dhcp.

I am not sure which network configuration strategy your linux is using; your answer depends on which of these files exists:


Given Ubuntu, it's probably this strategy.

Put these two lines into the file if they are not present already, and remove other lines related to ens33:

auto ens33
iface ens33 inet dhcp

Note: If you see the line "source /etc/network/interfaces.d/*.cfg", you may also have a "/etc/network/interfaces.d/ens33.cfg" file. If you see this line in your interfaces file, it would be more appropriate to put your changes into the ens33.cfg file.


In the future most distributions should be shifting to this configuration strategy so I am putting it for future users. This should be the contents of the file, and probably nothing else.


If you are still encountering issues, please post the contents of these files.


Restor configuration Virtual Network Editor to default.

This link helpme https://communities.vmware.com/t5/VMware-Workstation-Pro/No-more-network-in-VMs/td-p/2926219

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