I am trying to learn this dos command, but I get lost about what is defined as a session here. https://ss64.com/nt/query-process.html

I understand that a session is a timeframe of information exchanges between two or more bodies in communication (as per wikipedia), but I am not sure what it means in the context of processes running in windows. i have a rough guess that it means the communication timeframe it has established between some installed softwares and functions within the windows system with some other...and with the internet, but i cant be certain as I cant find any definitive source on what exactly are ''os sessions'' in this context (as opposed to say, internet sessions in the browser, or communication sessions in whatever people use nowadays). Generally, what is the use of a session in any os? And why is it important to know the session ID if I want to use qprocess or tasklist commands? And is there a way to see a list of sessions running and their session IDs through any kind of GUI within windows (win7 to be precise)?

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