I have a Linux host that runs on CentOS 7, joined to domain through realm.

My goal is to provide ReadOnly access to one of the AD groups say "LinuxRO-USR", the users of this group should only be able to sign on using their AD credentials and access their home directory along with other non-sudo commands.

I know adding the following to the sudoers file will also give Sudo access to the users of that group. %LinuxRO-USR@example.com ALL=(ALL) ALL.

Whereas, I want to restricate the access of LinuxRO-USR group such that if one of it's users tries to run any sudo command like sudo fdisk -l, he should not be provided with the output of it. How can I achieve this?

  • Don't I really have anyone who can answer my question!! – Srikanth Oct 22 '18 at 7:25

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