I've installed NodeJS, the Current (not LTS) version on my Windows 10 system. That seems to have installed at least a couple additional things along with it, namely Chocolatey and BoxStarter.

Since then, my system is continually restarting. It opens a command window that says something like Boxstarter is installing Chocolatey, then keeps installing things (per console messages, things like visualstudio, vbtools, vcredist140-x86 and -x64, etc.) and restarting. Is this expected behavior?

By the way, I must have had this Automatically install... option checked during the Node JS install:

enter image description here


First off, immediately ctrl + c to kill the process when it starts firing in cmd/powershell to prevent a reboot.

Then launch "Startup Tasks" from windows start menu and toggle off "boxstarter-post-restart.bat"

  • There is a discussion on this, along with fixes and future plans - maybe link that as well? – ferventcoder Nov 12 '18 at 22:40

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