I've seen a page where it contains a isAdblockDetected variable, changing it to false in chrome dev tools everything works.

Is possible to change a javascript variable somehow in adblock or any other extension, before the page has fully loaded?

I don't want to do this everytime, so that is why I want to use some extension

Solved by using:

url##+js(set-constant.js, settings.adBlockerDetection, false)

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uBlock Origin supports various "anti-anti-adblock" mechanisms, including script injection. Though the available list of injected scriptlets appears to be hardcoded; you might have to submit the website to the filter list maintainers to fix it for everyone.

  • I fixed my problem using ##+js(set-constant.js, settings.adBlockerDetection, false), but this looks interesting. Thanks
    – S1krzt
    Commented Oct 20, 2018 at 12:29

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