I've seen an page where was isAdblockDetected variable, changing it to false in chrome dev tools everything works.

Is possible to change javascript variable somehow in adblock or any other extension, to be changed before page will be fully loaded?

I don't want to do this everytime, so that is why I want to use some extension

Solved by using url##+js(set-constant.js, settings.adBlockerDetection, false)


uBlock Origin supports various "anti-anti-adblock" mechanisms, including script injection. Though the available list of injected scriptlets appears to be hardcoded; you might have to submit the website to the filter list maintainers to fix it for everyone.

  • I fixed my problem using ##+js(set-constant.js, settings.adBlockerDetection, false), but this looks interesting. Thanks – S1krzt Oct 20 '18 at 12:29

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