I recently bought a modern PC with an Nvidia 1050Ti GPU, and I also have in my collection some older/weaker GPUs like 1030GT, 9800GT, 9600GT, 750Ti and GTS240. All of them being from Nvidia, can I somehow add one or multiple of them into my PC and get more framerate in games or faster video encoding and such in other apps?

There are 2 slots for GPUs and I haven't tried plugging in a second card because I'm not sure if it's safe/will work/won't break anything.

I don't think card-to-card connectors will work with different cards, especially from different generations, so that's probably out of the question.

Also, if my CPU has built-in graphics, can it also be utilized to improve graphics workloads without losing its non-graphics processing speed?

And, I've read about using motherboard port splitter cables to connect more GPUs to mine bitcoins, and perhaps this can still be used for gaming and other general home PC/workstation purposes.

I've read some info about this kind of thing and it seems like before Windows 10 the driver support used to be worse and you had to have 2 or more of the exact same cards, otherwise they wouldn't run, so maybe times have changed and now it's possible to get more juice out of extra cards.

  • I would think - in the general case - no. In order for this to work the game would need to be aware of the different cards, there characteristics and then have fairly complex code to farm out the work - and most people would not pay for this feature, do a developer time is better spent elsewhere. Bitcoi n mining is somewhat different as it's OK to split mining up in parallel with different threads taking different times, unlike games where "getting it wrong" can actually slow the game down because the calculations need to be complete before the frame can be displayed. – davidgo Oct 20 '18 at 19:35
  • SLi is as fast as the slowest GPU. SLI is the only way to use multiple GPUs for the majority of those GPUs. Unless your running Windows 10 you can’t use the mGPU feature of DX12 not that it matters because only one of your cards supports DX12. So while you could run DLI with a 1050 Ti and a 9800 GT. You would effectively be running 2 9800 GT – Ramhound Oct 20 '18 at 19:43
  • You could add one GPU as PhysiX card though and "free up" some computing power on your main GPU, this dies not require an SLI bridge, just a PhysiX capable GPU. – Nordlys Jeger Oct 21 '18 at 0:10

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