I lost my "search result window" in Notepad++. (Using Windows 7 64 Bit, running Notepad++ 7.5.9 32 Bit) - I tried the following:

  • Alt+Space / Move Window (not working)
  • Press F7 to activate "search result window" and try Alt+Space trick again (not working)
  • Analyse config.xml in App-Data for suspicious window coordinates (not working)
  • Delete AppData\Notepad++ (not working)
  • Delete AppData\Notepad++, uninstall Notepad++ and install latest version of Notepad++ (not working)
  • Uninstall Notepad++ and install 7.4.xx Version of Notepad++ (not working)

I need this window to copy/paste search results based on regex-search.

Appreciate any help!

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    if it helps, F7 does nothing for me in Npp, nor does selecting Search -> Search Results Window after I've entered a regex with multiple results, and clicked Find Next once. Seems like a feature regression. – Frank Thomas Oct 24 '18 at 16:26

I'm using the Portable Apps version of NP++ and I have no problems. I've not used the search results window before, so the interface may have changed.

By itself F7 doesn't do anything until you click on Find All in Current Document.

NP++ Find

Now the search results window appears. If it's closed with the x button, then F7 will reopen it.

I would find it surprising if the installed version behaves differently, as I use a lot of PortableApps and have never noticed functional differences.

The PortableApps version of NP++ is currently v7.5.8, and I tested on Win10/1803.

  • That works for me. Op? – Frank Thomas Oct 24 '18 at 18:54

It appeared to me the search result window of Notepad++ was hiding behind Windows Task Bar.

You can temporary set Task Bar to dock on the left or right of your computer screen.

Run search in notepad++, you will find the result window near the bottom of screen.

Move it out from bottom of screen and dock it inside notepad++. Then set task bar back to bottom of screen.

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