I found this article, from OSR forums, however it didn't work in Windows 10

2: kd> x srvnet!SrvAdminIpAddressList
81fb06b8 srvnet!SrvAdminIpAddressList = <no type information>
2: kd> du poi(poi(srvnet!SrvAdminIpAddressList))
85c52090 ""

There is an undocumented bit in !process to get the environment variables + hostname, but sometimes DNS is failing so need IP address for log.

$$ !process will dump all the environment variables and hostname 0x31 is magic value.
bu atikmdag!class::function "!process 0 0x31 wininit.exe; gc"

Based on https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/debugger/-ndiskd-netadapter

$$ find IP address of host
!ndiskd.netadapter -ip

Example output:

14: kd> !ndiskd.netadapter -ip Driver NetAdapter Name
ffffce85591b7450 ffffce8558ff51a0 Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter


unicast            ffffce855af44040 -
multicast          ffffce855968c040 -
multicast          ffffce855b45e040 -
multicast          ffffce855b449040 -
multicast          ffffce855968c130 -
broadcast          ffffce8559688040 -
broadcast          ffffce855af42040 -
unicast            ffffce8559694040 - fe80::e929:f1ef:83da:31b
multicast          ffffce855969a040 - ff01::1
multicast          ffffce855969a130 - ff02::1
multicast          ffffce855969a220 - ff02::1:ffda:31b
multicast          ffffce855b423040 - ff02::fb
multicast          ffffce855b450040 - ff02::1:3
multicast          ffffce8558c1f040 - ff02::c

Due note, you need the private symbols of tcpip.sys for this to work, otherwise:

11: kd> !ndiskd.netadapter -ip ... * ERROR: Symbol file could not be found. Defaulted to export symbols for ndis.sys - ... * Type referenced: ndis!_LIST_ENTRY ***

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