When I read about Windows 7 backups the MediaID.bin file in the volume root is pretty much always mentioned as required. When I remove that file I can still open and seemingly restore files from the backup, using the Windows 7 backup recovery tool in Windows 10.

I'm trying to wrap my head around this so that I don't mess up while reorganizing my backups. What am I missing? What are the consequences of a missing MediaID.bin at the same location as the backup folder?

I already know the outcome of moving the backup to a subfolder: it won't open, and it won't be listed in Windows' recovery tool, but this doesn't happen with a missing MediaID.bin so I have to assume that it has other, more obscure consequences.

When I browse a backup folder I can find an identical MediaID.bin inside (according to 7zip SHA256 at least), which further makes me question its purpose in the volume root.

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