How can I import a spreadsheet (or csv file) containing a list of e-mail addresses directly to a thunderbird mailing list? I know that I can import the csv file to my address book but then I would have to create manually the mailing list.


After you have imported the CSV file into an address book, I assume the problem that is left is to create the mailing list in one action, rather than copying it one-by-one, which is the method described by most articles.

To add all the contacts in an address book to a mailing list:

  • Use the menu File > New > Mailing List to create an empty mailing list
  • Select the address book so its contents are displayed
  • Select the contacts you want to list. To select all of them, click on the first contact, and while holding Shift click on the last contact.
  • Left-click and hold the selected highlighted contacts
  • Drag the selected contacts to the left and hover over the mailing list
  • Release the mouse button to drop contacts into the mailing list.

Source : Mozilla How to create and use mailing lists on Thunderbird.

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