The US/international keyboard works great for many languages like Spanish and Portuguese. It was great to figure that out so I wouldn't have to copy/paste or try to remember alt codes.

However, in French I have to type single quotes commonly:

S'il te plaît


Am I correct that the best way to do these on the US/International keyboard is:

S ' ' [backspace] i l [space] ...
D ' ' [backspace] a c c ...

Or is there another potential set of keystrokes that can work faster? I tried Alt+' or Ctrl+' and there is nothing like that to override the dead key? I mean aside from Ctrl+ Shift in and out of the keyboard mode...

Am I correct and this is the best solution, meaning US/International is kind of limited for French this way?

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I have found the solution.

On the US/International keyboard, I can type a space after the single quote. The space will be deleted and the quote will appear.

For example:

S ' [space] i l [space] t e ...
D ' [space] a c c ...

Hope this helps someone!

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