I install Fedora 29 on VMware player just now, and found ssh to remote machine fails with "Broken pipe". Fedora 29 is just available few days, did you meet this problem?

$ ssh cranuser22@
cranuser22@'s password:
packet_write_wait: Connection to port 22: Broken pipe

And in the same VMware player, I have installed Fedora 28, it works fine.

$ ssh cranuser22@
cranuser22@'s password:
Last login: Wed Oct 31 08:07:41 2018 from
$ cat ~/.ssh/config
Host *

After add such ssh configuration file, the problem disappears.

Update: scp command have to use this way:

$ scp -o 'IPQoS=throughput' ...
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just for additional, i also got that log in my VM, my case appear because there are 2 VM that have same networking configuration (IP Adress), i think we are in the same case, please make sure to change your netowrk configuration with different ip address, and start to ssh again to your VM.


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