I am using Remote Desktop Protocol on Windows 10 in my local LAN. It works quite well but it feels not snappy in two situations:

  1. Scrolling
  2. Typing

These affect my brain heavily on browsers and text editors.

Are there ways to optimize the remote connection speed (in the sense of screen refresh rate) with RDP even further?
My goal is to only use the client machine for RDP connections, so the speed and visual performance should be top notch.


  • Client computer is on Gigabit-LAN and host computer is on the very latest Intel Wireless chip with 5 GHz network
  • Client computer is Windows 10 Education and host computer is Windows 10 Pro

What I did so far:

Editing the group policies

Following an MSDN entry which gives options and applied the following settings via group policy editor on the host even though I am not sure if they affect client installations (both are normal Windows 10 Pro machines). Under Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host > Remote Session Environment > RemoteRX for Windows Server 2008 R2:

  • Configure RemoteFX set to enabled
  • Optimize visual experience for Remote Desktop Service Sessions set to enabled and "multimedia"
  • Optimize visual experience when using RemoteFX set to enabled and "highest"

Modifying .rdp file

Irrelevant to video but for audio, adding audioqualitymode:i:2 was nice.

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I list below some advice which might help:

  • In the "Display" tab reduce the Color Depth down to 15 or 16-bit. The lower the color setting the faster the connection.

  • In the “Local Resources” tab, uncheck as many resources as practical.

  • If using a browser, disable hardware acceleration.

  • Use an alternative to RDP, for example TeamViewer.

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