Yesterday I wanted to update the Russian Fedora Remix (RFRemix) 28-> 29.

dnf upgrade issued a message about the conflict in the package rfremix-release-2.xxxxxxx I doubted a little, but decided that it was the remix module (most likely the repository) I decided to remove it, and then after the update I put it (before I did it with other conflict packages) dragged for a dozen other dependencies.But as the amount does not exceed a few tens of MB, again, I thought that nothing critical for it is not a drag. And in vain! During the removal process, the screen fell into the console. After rebooting, I get into emergency mode. Is there a way to restore the system? So you do not want to re-put everything.

If necessary, I can attach the system log.

PS Now I think if there were any lvm- * dependencies. If yes, then I was stupid.

Loading by USB it recovery shows, that many repositories in /etc/yum.repos.d is disappeared

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