have some weird issues regarding SSH access.

I just reinstalled a brand new Mac with macOS Mojave.

After configuring my ssh keys, i can connect to both of my Linux servers (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Ubuntu 16.04). Connection via terminal without pwd runs without any problems however, when I try to use other software to connect, connection fails.

My pub key is added to the ubuntu authorized_keys, user matches etc. I still have my previous laptop, running mojave and SSH without any problem.

I tried setting up an SSH connection with robo3T, commanderOne and cyberduck. All of these fail while terminal succeeds ...

Don't know where to search for this problem ...

UPDATE After a long search, I copied private and public keys from my previous laptop, which seems to be a solution to the problem. I'm still curious about why terminal connection works and third party apps don't :-/

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    Can you post some messages or indications of the error? Its hard to diagnose with the limited information, – Hogstrom Nov 3 '18 at 14:01

My guess is that your new keys have a password on the key itself and the ones you copied from your old machine do not. Other applications don’t know the password and so can’t use the key. I think you can use the KeyChain for the password to avoid this problem but since High Sierra you have to turn that on yourself by updating your SSH config.

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