Okay, so it turns out that my crappy ISP put my computer behind a NAT444 so I can't access my home computer from outside anymore. I know, I could call my ISP (surely I'll get a no as response) or change ISP (no money yet) or there's TeamViewer and VNC connect but I prefer RDP as it's 10 times faster. Anyways, on to the question:

I have a VPS out there, is it possible to, like, make my home PC connect towards reverse SSH tunnel (make the VPS listen for an SSH connection from my home PC) and then, if it receives a connection through port 3389, redirect that traffic towards the SSH tunnel to/from my home PC? Essentially something like this:

Outside PC <-> Reverse SSH (in VPS) <-> Home PC

If so, how can I do it? What if my home PC turns off and I'd like to turn it on again to make the SSH on the VPS to always listen? Also, is there any way to allow a specific IP to connect (my home PC's "outside" IP)?

Any suggestions are welcome!

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