For years (ages?) I've been pasting images to Word and it always was pasting them with:

  • Layout Options > In Line with Text > In Line with Text

Since I've been using this paste mode for about 20+ years, it has become my de facto standard.

Since switching to Word 2013, I can clearly see that each time I press Ctrl+V Word 2013 is pasting any image with:

  • Layout Options > With Text Wrapping > Top and Botton

And I have to manually switch to my de facto standard each time, which is pretty annoying.

Is there any way (configuration option) to tell Word, which layout option I want all my images to be pasted in? I know that I can change default pasting option for text (i.e. with / without formatting) and I have actually changed this as well. But, what about default pasting options for images in Word?


From the File tab in Word choose Options > Advanced and then scroll down to the Cut, copy, and Paste group of options. From there select Insert/paste pictures as: menu control and from it choose In line with text.

enter image description here

  • God! Shame on me, I was that close! :> Thank you... – trejder Nov 6 '18 at 13:54

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