I have 1000 servers to work with, but today all the server passwords expired.  I regularly use plink (PuTTY) to connect with 1000 servers.  Today I got error “Password change required but no TTY available”.

Then I have enabled TTY by enabling plink -ssh -t and tried to attempt to change password with below command

m:\plink>echo.password1 & echo.password2 & echo.password2 | plink -ssh -t username@13NB:xx0:320:112:0:0:0:XY -pw password1

but passwd: Authentication token manipulation error occured.

While doing manually (human inputs on Windows-cli) everything works fine, but while doing automatically something went wrong.

When attempting another method:

m:\plink>plink -ssh -t username@13NB:xx0:320:112:0:0:0:XY -pw password1 < credential.txt

credential.txt contains 3 lines: password1 password2 password2

but till password1 (current unix password) it is success after that the command unable to take password 2 and prompting newpassword.

Please provide a good solution.


Windows CMD is interpreting your command line as

m:\plink>echo.password2 | plink …

To get all three passwords sent to the pipe, you need to group the echo commands:

m:\plink>(echo.password1 & echo.password2 & echo.password2) | plink …
  • i have tried the above with closed brackets.. but still same issue.. passwd: Authentication token manipulation error occured – Python Spark Nov 6 '18 at 4:18

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