I have MS Word 2010 and I want to make numbering words on Arabic like this


for example in one, two, three or first, second...
I wanted to be in Arabic for numbing chapter in my basic language.
I tried to install the Arabic language pack for MS Office 2010 from the Microsoft website, but it didn't work even when I change the interface language to Arabic.

It only show numbers and words in English.

And note:
My windows version is in English.


You shouldn't need to change either your Windows language, or the language of the Word interface. Installing the Arabic Office Language Pack should be enough.

Make sure you download the version that matches your version of Office 2010 (32bit/64/bit).

To make sure everything has been installed properly, make sure that Arabic appears in the list of languagues (File->Options->Languages).

Language Pack List

If everything has been installed correctly, the Arabic number lists should appear under "Define New Number Format":

Arabic number format available

If it's still not available, you may need to reinstall Office + the language pack.

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