I understand the meaning of myhostname and mydomain in postfix config. First is used to identify server, second do identify domain and configure other params.

So myorigin is:

The domain name that locally-posted mail appears to come from, and that locally posted mail is delivered to. The default is $myhostname

With "locally-posted" is meant all mail relayed from this server? I can have clients connect from everywhere (outside network), is this included?

Why is it set to $myhostname? As far as I understand this param. its the name server answers in SMTP-Banner, and the domain for which mail it feels responsible. So in case the FQDN is mail.example.com, and my domain example.com, why should I want to listen to mail for mail.example.com instead of example.com?

Further mydestination:

The documentation says:

The list of domains that are delivered via the $local_transport mail delivery transport. By default this is the Postfix local(8) delivery agent which looks up all recipients in /etc/passwd and /etc/aliases. The SMTP server validates recipient addresses with $local_recipient_maps and rejects non-existent recipients. See also the local domain class in the ADDRESS_CLASS_README file.

The default mydestination value specifies names for the local machine only. On a mail domain gateway, you should also include $mydomain.

What is the difference to to myorigin here? It also seems responsible for figuring out domain, server feels responsible for. And again, why wouldn't I set this to sth. else then example.com(on a server just responsible for one domain -> example.com)?

Thanks for your help

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