I have a nice PowerQuery query that connects with ODBC to a database. Our passwords change every month. When I enter GetAndTransform to edit the query, that time of the month - even if I don't explicity refresh the query: PQ revokes my ODBC password for all apps on my PC. I assume PQ automatically tries to connect and then fails with wrong password 3+ times. Is there some solution e.g. rather disable PQ auto-reconnect and let user retype the password manually every time? Which should solve the problem. It's kind of chicken-and-egg problem since I cannot of course change the passsword in PQ without entering the query in the first place.

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I haven't struck your exact scenario, but this is probably worth a try:

If you can find the Query Options window (usually in the sub-menu under the New Query button), then navigate to Current Workbook / Data Load / Background and uncheck Allow data preview to download in the background.

That should put the query refresh timing under your control. You'll need to hit the Refresh Preview button in the PQ Editor ... a lot.


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