I like to ensure to a reasonable degree that a bunch of scripts will be executed if I’m dead. Are there any open-source solutions streamlining this process? What are the best practices I should keep in mind?

My naive solution is that I run a script on my local machine to write the current date on ~/.lastAlive on a bunch of VPSes. Then I’ll setup an anacron job on the VPSes to check this file. If the recorded date was more than 3 months old, the script will clone a private “death will” repository of mine from Bitbucket, and run its initializer script. The script will add a “.RIP” to the repository after finishing with no errors, and push the change. The initializer would just exit if “.RIP” exists on the repository.

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    Not sure if his can be answered, but the class of problem is a "dead man switch". You might want to Google that phrase and see what comes up. I'm not advocating one, but there are services which offer this service. I guess if you need to be extremely sure of an outcome, have redundant switches! It does seem like your proposed solution is very complex - which means it's more likely to fail (and probably difficult to fully test). – davidgo Nov 8 '18 at 18:43