I was having a time getting my bootable USB 3, 32GB W10 install USB to be recognized. It recognized one time but I had to restart for something and it never came up again. I eventually removed all other boot up options to make it easier and faster to try again (no F12 needed).

Finally I gave up and tried another drive (16GB this time FWIW) and then it worked.

HOWEVER, it's stuck on a reboot loop now. I can choose to install, then to select the right disk, then it says it's loading file and then next thing I know it's saying do you want to install or upgrade.


During the process it automatically and silently reboots. Since I'd deselected all other boot options besides USB, it couldn't load the local C: drive to continue the install. I went back into BIOS setup and added all other boot options and started over.

This is kind of a dumb mistake, unless you don't realize that it reboots during the process.

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