I never use time machine & not connected any hard drive with my mac for this system, so while i connect an external hard drive i click every time "decide later" or "don't use" option before, but now i am in major problem with my 4 TB external hard drive (used about 2.5 TB) by clicking "use a backup disk" option & also click an another wrong option within a few seconds & i saw something is erasing but not completed. And after then this hard drive is not readable by any computer & it wants to do eject or format! Have i lost my hard drive data/files? Please help me... sorry for poor english.

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  • So, are you trying to restore all your files (if so, there are several questions about that already here) or are you trying to too your Mac to never ask about TimeMachine backups ever again? – music2myear Nov 10 at 0:43

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