We are doing a lot of things in PowerShell in networking and in basic servers and our instructor is having us copy and paste sessions in PowerShell into a .txt file. This is well and fine, but is there a command to print the session? Or make a log?

I know not, he knows not, we know not.

It seemed as if there were a print command, but I may be confusing that with with Write-Host


Use the Start-Transcript cmdlet to begin recording a session.

You can optionally specify the path and filename you wish to record to, and whether to append to existing files or overwrite them. If unspecified, a file-name is generated in the folder C:\Users\USER\Documents.

This will record in the text file all typed commands and all output that appeared on the console.

To stop recording use the Stop-Transcript cmdlet. Alternatively, ending a session will also stop the transcript.

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