I'd like to combine the nutrition data from multiple meals during a single day onto a single row.

Current Sheet:

Desired Result:

My knowledge of Excel is limited, and non-existent in terms of VBA.

  • Create a new sheet.  Copy the column headers.
  • Put a de-duped list of the dates in Column A of the new sheet.  (Methods for doing that are documented all over the place.)
  • Enter =SUMIF(Input!$A:$A, $A2, Input!C:C) (where Input is the name of the existing sheet, with all the meal data) into Cell C2 of the new sheet.
  • Select and drag/fill down to cover all the dates and right to cover all the nutrients, etc.
  • If desired, copy and paste values.

Here’s a screenshot showing the data from Columns A, C and D of your file:


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