Problem: Windows partition won't boot after cloning M.2 SATA drive to M.2 NVME.

Background: Cloning process was simple raw dd copy. Drive had EFI, Windows 10, and Linux partitions. Cloning preserved exact partition sequence, sizes, and UUIDs.

Linux partition needed minor tweaks to /etc/fstab due to the device names being different (/dev/nvme0n1px vs. /dev/sdax), but boots fine.

The disk is GPT, and I believe the original Windows 10 was UEFI - the Linux installation definitely was.

Attempts at solution: I did a fresh Windows install in a spare partition and it boots fine. I've edited the BCD entry for my original Win 10 install. I have the correct BCD device, osdevice, and path.

Questions: What else needs to be done to make Windows boot again? Are there any config file or registry changes that need to be made to account for the SATA to NVME move?

  • I think this is sufficiently clarified. How does it get off hold? – user2657480 Nov 14 '18 at 22:06

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