How do I prevent Microsoft Edge from trying to auto-correct for me?

I frequently have been using Edge as my client for https://www.irccloud.com/ and a couple other web-based chat services for chatting about various tech related subjects. Edge is really screwing me over when I type a command, function or something someone should use to do something it screws with case or changes the punctuation, or does other really annoying things. I don't want any automatic 'corrections'.

A couple examples.

  • If I type ansible-cmdb Edge is automatically changing this to ansible-CMDB.
  • If I type 3 dots ... it is getting changed to ellipsis character .

I believe I have disabled everything under 'Windows Settings\Typing' except the highlight, and restarted Edge, and restarted the whole computer. But Edge still seems to screw with things I type. Which is really frustrating, when Edge I don't notice and Edge is resulting in me giving someone wrong information.

I would far much prefer that when I give people wrong information it be my fault because I am bad at crappy at typing or spelling over my computer screwing me over because it thinks it knows better then me.


This is a Windows 10 setting. Go to Settings, Devices, Typing. Change the settings there to match your needs.

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    I wish that worked, but as I mentioned I already have have disabled everything under Devices/Typing except 'highlight'. I have restarted both Edge and the computer. – Zoredache Nov 13 '18 at 23:31

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