I've been forcibly converted into a Mac user after three decades on PCs.

I can mostly live with the change, but the keyboard shortcuts are killing me. I've already fiddled around with the shortcuts I can change in System Preferences, and when that didn't go far enough, I installed Karabiner.

I'm now just about where I need to be, with Karabiner's simple mods set up like this:

Karabiner setup

What I still can't figure out is how to use either System Preferences or Karabiner to reassign the Application Switcher. Based on the reassignments above, I launch it using Fn+Tab, but I'd like to move it over to Command+Tab.

I've seen some other posts here talking about doing it with Karabiner, but I don't really understand how to do what it's saying. My understanding is that Karabiner used to be KeyRemap4MacBook, so this answer in particular looks like it might be what I'm looking for, but it appears that either I have no idea how to get to the interface it's showing, or the interface has changed too much in the last five years for this to still be an option.

Anyway, I'm looking for anyone who can tell me -- probably in painfully explicit step-by-step instructions -- how to reassign that shortcut for Application Switcher.

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