I have a spreadsheet where I have multiple sheets for different locations and in each location sheet I have names and months. (column B is the name and column C shows different months)

On the main sheet I want to create a list of how many times a name appears against each month, so for example how many times does the name Ben appear against October.

Can this be done using formulas? or would it be a pivot table?

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    Is the month a "Oct" text or a excel date formatted? – p._phidot_ Nov 15 '18 at 13:29

perhaps something like as a starting point.


the countifs counts the row if all conditions are met. So only if ben is in column B AND oct is in column C.

You can get more fancy adding cell references for the month and name, or putting your data in a table, etc.


complementing gns100's answer, you can use the '*' character to select names more easily, if you have only part of the name.


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