I want a slide in powerpoint that shows the number 0 and when I click a button the number increases by one one until 2010.

It should take 4 to 6 seconds. How can I do that?

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You may need some VBA code to do that. This thread is about the same thing you ask, but may not answer 100% of your question. You can also ask this question on StackOverflow to get VBA related answers.


To do it in Powerpoint, you might need to make an animated .gif. You could program a counter and capture a video of it with camstudio or the like.

Your ones digit will be a blur effect, because you want to display 600 numbers every second, or about 10 counts every frame.


This site offers several suggestions for creating the counter. Most are a variation on the theme of using a large stack of overlapping objects and animating them to appear one at a time. This could be tedious to create, so this article describes a VB macro that creates them for you.

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