I have a notebook that has two accelerometers in it, a third device called "HingeAngle Device" and a service called "HingeAngle Service" which is somehow coupled with that device. It uses all that to determine the angle (screen to keyboard) of my notebook, since it can rotate 360 degrees.

Yesterday I thought of updating all my drivers, which turned out to be a horrible idea. Both accelerometers updated to the latest version Windows could find, but now it don't calculate anything anymore. I can fold the notebook to a tablet, it rotates, but the keyboard stays active.

Now there are two software devices

(Now there are two software components, there was only one before)

I already tried to download from the manufacturer's site of the notebook, but their driver doesn't even work. The HingeAngle Device doesn't appear there and the keyboard and touchpad stop working when I start the corresponding service.

When I look into the Windows's Event Log, I see that something failed to initialize:

The device has an error

And in the Device's property of the accelerometers it says "The device ACPI\KIOX010A\1 needs additional configuration".

I've spent the whole night on this and couldn't get it to work, neither revert it back. Google wasn't helpful also.

What do I need to do that it takes both sensors and calculates the Hinge Angle again?

Any clue is very helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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