My Word document has the headings with numbering and numbering begins with Chapter 1, 2,3 omitting ToC(Table of Content), i.e.:

Table of Content
1 Chapter One
1.1 Subchapter one 
2 Chapter Two

I would like to have the header with both numbering and its title (heading 1 only), but not for the ToC (Table of Content). If I use this field code:

{ STYLEREF  "Heading 1" }  

It will only show the chapter title, no numbering. For this I can use a combined field codes (1st part is number, 2nd is title):

{ STYLEREF  "Heading 1"\w}  { STYLEREF  "Heading 1" } 

But ToC will show as:

0 Table of Content

This is ugly! So I am now struggling how to get rid of the "0"?? I am thinking of conditional function IF for header, something like:

 IF Heading number is 0, then show only title, 
 IF Heading number is not 0, then show both number and title.

I tried many times using IF with STYLEREF, but seems both cannot be combined, nevertheless this IF works fine:

{ IF 3 > 0 "YES" "NO"} 

Does anyone have a better solution? Thanks in advance.

  • please let me know if anything not clear or more information needed to make your suggestions/solution. Thanks Board! – Gustaf Nov 21 '18 at 13:43

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