I have a strange problem with Cisco AnyConnect VPN client using my MacOS 10.14.1 on my home network.

When I connect through it to desired network, it disconnect after few seconds. I am not able to load any site behind the VPN between the reconnect, so maybe the connection is not set at all. The logs from the VPN client are attached below.

The strange thing is, that it works on other networks (in my office and through mobile hotspot) and it also works fine on my home network with a Windows machine. During my investigation of the problem, I also tried to install the VPN client on a machine running a Kubuntu, and it seems that the problem there is the same. So it looks like an issue, which shows itself only on UNIX systems and only on this particular network.

I started to suspect router settings, but if I connect directly with cable from my ISP (bypassing the router), the behaviour does not change. Maybe it is something on their side, which I am trying to find out, but they are a small ISP, so so far there is no progress here.

I've been also in contact with the administrators of the VPN, but they did not find any issue on their side. They only see lot of SVC closing connection: Compression error. in their logs.

Logs from AnyConnect on home network

This is relevant section from logs on my home network. (not working) https://pastebin.com/jmYGHYhp

Logs from AnyConnect on mobile network

This is relevant section from logs on mobile network. (working) https://pastebin.com/KQ1VrKRc

It seems, that even on mobile network it disconnects once, but then it is able to reconnect, which is not the case on the home network. This seems to be the main error message, but it was not helpful: SOCKETTRANSPORT_ERROR_TRANSPORT_SHUTDOWN:The socket was shutdown by the operating system or a remote peer.

Can anyone help with this issue?


  • VPN client keeps reconnecting when I connect from home network from MacOS machine or Kubuntu machine.
  • It works on this network with a Windows machine.
  • It also works on the other machines when connecting via mobile hotspot or from office (another network)
  • It behaves the same if I connect directly to the ISP, bypassing the router, so it should not be router related (TP-Link Archer C50)
  • My ISP has not responded yet if they can find anything on their side
  • My customer (administrator of the VPN) says they see nothing wrong on their side of logs

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