This concerns my work computer, which is a Dell Latitude E5430 non-vPro. For the last few years, it was running Windows 7 (Enterprise, I think). I have a docking station with two displayport monitors and 1 VGA monitor installed. This all worked fine.

Work required an upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise. After some complications, this was completed. They also installed more RAM, and insisted on swapping out my hard drive to an SSD. Ok fine.

Now, the VGA monitor is super laggy. I'm talking basic things like moving the mouse cursor across the screen, or resizing Windows Explorer windows - which is about the most complex thing I can do there.

Originally, I had the VGA monitor in the middle and had it set as my main desktop. This made EVERYTHING super slow (as in, I'd hit the Windows key, and it would take 3-5 seconds for the start menu to pop up). I changed the main display to either Displayport monitor, and that solved that problem.

Please note that no hardware changed except for the hard drive and the RAM; I am using the same monitors, cables, docking station, etc.

We went into Performance Options, Visual Effects, and turned pretty much everything off. That helped noticeably, but it's still very slow on that monitor. We tried switching the VGA monitor cable to a USB to VGA cable. That made no difference. We tried reinstalling all drivers. We tried a different VGA monitor. No dice.

My IT department's suggestion was to buy a new computer with sufficient ports to handle 3 displayport monitors. That's a great solution and I'd love to do that, but that isn't possible at the moment.

Please note that I am not so much concerned about image sharpness/quality as I am about basic functionality. I mostly work with spreadsheets and don't care about videos or high-end graphics. I recognize that Displayport is going to look and act better than VGA, but right now, the VGA is barely usable due to the lag issue.

Other notes:

The screen resolution is fine; it's set to the default setting. All three monitors have the same resolution.

EVERYTHING is slow on the VGA monitor. It's not limited to any program or feature. It's not a function of the RAM or CPU being maxed out on resources; none of them spike when I do something like adjust the size of a Windows Explorer menu box.

I tried adjusting the refresh rate of the monitor; that did not help. If it isn't set at 60 Hertz, I get no display at all.

Any thoughts on what else I can try?

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